Want More Trails? Don't Forget  The 3Rs  

Our existing landfills are nearly maxed out... and the next landfill may cover your favorite trail.

Reduce, reuse, recycle. You’ve heard it before, but what has it got to do with riding? Well, in a place as small as Hong Kong, it means everything to the future of our sport, and our health.

Our landfills will be COMPLETELY FULL in six years, maybe less.

Yes, that’s right. The amount of waste we produce is accelerating. The EPD is most likely going to have to start burning our filth in a yet-to-be-built incinerator, which means we get to breathe it while we ride. That is, if our favourite trails are even open, given that land supply is shrinking – some of the areas where we ride and/or the HKMBA is evaluating for new trails are either on or near a landfill, or could possibly in the future become one. As the Government says, “If the waste loads continue to increase, there will be a need to allocate an additional 400 hectares of land to develop new landfill sites to meet our waste disposal needs up to 2030. Clearly, Hong Kong needs a more sustainable way to deal with waste.” No kidding, 400 hectares - that’s an area TEN TIMES the size of the new West Kowloon district, which will last us less than 20 years.

Where will all the rubbish go? Right next to your trails, if we don’t cut down.


Here are some simple suggestions to keep your riding green and clean:

  • If and when you buy new gear, don’t chuck the old stuff – sell it or give it away on www.28bike.com, or leave it with a bike shop, to put in their spare parts bin.
  • Throwing away tubes, even ones that can’t be patched, is incredibly lame. It’s like throwing away a perfectly-good roll of duct-tape.
  • http://www.instructables.com/id/10-of-1000-Uses-for-Old-Bicycle-Tubes/
  • Pack your lunch in a reusable container, or eat out. Throw-away lunchboxes are one of the biggest sources of the 6 million tonnes of rubbish we throw out each year.
  • Think about what you throw away throughout the day, and consider a reusable alternative. Other than toilet paper, most disposable products don’t have to be so.
  • Buy less ‘stuff’ – and when you do purchase something, request less packaging.

More info: https://www.wastereduction.gov.hk/