HKCA BMX Park Debacle

BMX Park is now closed to the general public after yet another monumental failure at promoting BMX. HKCA members are encouraged to join the HKCA Annual general meeting on Jan 15th

Story Update (Feb 8,2013): Note that the BMX Park remains open, however the hours are very limited. Check with the BMX Park for details. The recent Asian Games Champion in BMX, Steven Wong failed a drug test in the spring of 2012 and is now serving a two year ban..

Unfortunately, bad decisions get made. Raw deals get taken, sometimes without the consent of major stakeholders. Such is the case of the Jockey Club BMX Park, which is now closed to the public indefinitely due to an epic management fail on the part of the Hong Kong Cycling Association. Riders will be petitioning for the re-opening of the park at the association’s General Meeting on January 15th, and a new committee will be formed in the meantime. Those responsible for signing the original deal no longer work for HKCA, but it is unclear what will happen next, as the association is now taking legal advice.

But first, a bit of backstory, from this past Saturday’s meeting with the new, upcoming HKCA committee members …

When the park was opened, with HK$20 million in funding from the Jockey Club, the HKCA signed a deal with the Environmental Protection Department under which the HKCA would be responsible for managing the park, but the park itself, with staff chosen by the HKCA, would be ‘responsible for its own profit and loss’ – in other words, it had to be self-sustaining, and couldn’t receive funds from HKCA, which is supported by Home Affairs’ Sports Development Fund. Thus, with no experience in running a for-profit business, the orphan child of HKCA became a money pit that was costing HKD$200,000 per month, including $20,000 per month in rent to the government. Over the next three years, a private individual who held a position at the HKCA is said to have contributed something to the tune of HKD$7 million just to keep the gates open – but with the park continuing to bleed money, those gates are now locked.

The park, which has bred one  Asian Games champion and two world champions, is closed until someone figures out how to make this work. If you are an HKCA member – in other words, if you have filled out the forms you need to race with them – do your part and show up at the General Meeting on the 15th and ask questions. The association, which also puts on Downhill and Cross Country races, has not been the most transparent organization in the past, and we hope to see more community involvement in how races are run. That starts with you.

Details: 6:30 p.m., 15 January, 2013 Meeting Room, 1/f Olympic House, 1 Stadium Path, So Kon Po [near Happy Valley]