And The World Keeps Spinning

so what is in store for MTB in HK for 2013?

Well they said that 2012 was the end of the world, or at least the end of a cycle … and maybe it was. One thing is for sure, 2013 is going to be a revolutionary year for Mountain Biking in Hong Kong. New trails have been opened with partnership of the IMBA and AFCD, which offer beginner and intermediate riders something other than the white-knuckle death-defying descents that typify local gravity trails, and progress continues to made on the trails at Tai Mo Shan in particular. A new entrance to the ever-popular Ho Pui contour trail will open in March, to be followed later in the year by a revisitation of the ‘Tai Mo Shan Classic’ in all its lung-busting, arm-pumping glory.

There’s never been a better time to ride a mountain bike in HK. There has been an explosion in the number of bike shops offering quality offroad bikes in the past year, and now more than ever there is a demand from trails as new riders venture out to get a taste for the trails. On the other end, expert riders have enjoyed ripping it on their favorite tracks, competing against one another virtually using smartphone programs like Strava. Although the HK Cycling Association has been experiencing some ‘technical difficulties’ when it comes to putting on races, other organizers have come along to fill the demand – and we will be sure to keep you posted. Several races have been held at the MX club in Fanling, for example, and more will follow.

In the fall, quite a few Hong Kong riders had the chance to ride with Steve Peat, Wyn Masters and Brook MacDonald in Chiang Mai, Thailand when a race was held there. If you missed out, don’t worry – Red Bull is planning to bring Gee Atherton to town this spring … details coming soon. Lastly, as more riders make their way to the trails, and hikers crawl away from the air-conditioned crevices they’ve been hiding in, user conflict can become more of a problem. So for the good of all, and to keep the good times rolling, PLEASE read and re-read our notes for ‘Sharing the Trail’ – and help us to keep opening more trails.