Event: Trail Building Workshops - Tai Lam CP - Jan 2012

This is your chance to step and make a difference for Mountain Biking where it really counts: building trails!

Story Update: Jan 7th 2012 - "Get your Dig On Everyone"
Tony Boone and HM Lim are already in town and scouting the new trail. According to Tony, the new trail will be longer than expected at about 8km. Good news is that the new trailhead for for the Tin Man will be located at the picnic site at the bottom of the road segment that leads up to the Fire Tower.

Tony also issued a personal plea to riders here to get up there and pitch in:
"get your dig on everyone! HM Lim and our great AFCD crew have almost 2km of new trail already flagged...from picnic area to Tin Man below the fire tower....hummmmm that's gonna make the Tin Man very happy.....He'll be much longer, stronger and packed with serious flow....get your All-mountain rides ready for a true blue trail! see below, WE NEED MORE DIGGERS PLEASE!"

If you do choose to ride upto the work site to help, please note that to access is it you must pass through the picnic site (see rough map below).  The picnic area is not yet open for bikes so the AFCD has kindly offered to store your bikes in their van near the site... and I promise you its no ruse - they WILL return your bike.

Here is where the work site is located - note the picnic area (white box in the middle). The yellow line is just a rough, imaginary Tin Man trail that for illustration purposes shows the start and finish points. I am sure the final line will look have many more delighful curves... and dont forget that you are most welcome to pitch in to make a dream come true.


The complete map of Tai Lam can be found in our route finder download here:icon Trail Finder - Tai Lam Country Park (2.9 MB)
The road network map is here:
icon Route Finder - Tai lam (TMS) road network (2.44 MB)
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Story Update: Jan 3rd 2012
We have already had a fantastic response and about 40 HKMBA members have signed up. AFCD informed the HKMBA today that there is still lots of room for anyone interested in joining these workshops.
See below for registration details.

Good news for a change!

Another trail in Tai Lam Country Park will soon be legalized. This  trail known by many as "Tin Man" or the "Fire Station Trail" is about 5km long and will no doubt be everyone's favorite haunt in the years to come.

There is a catch however. The AFCD wants you to help build it. Beginning in January 2012 Tony Boone from IMBA Trail Solutions will return to oversee the trail design and help train local volunteers to assist in building it.

Last Spring Tony helped train volunteers and AFCD to build the short beginner trail at Route Twisk. This collective effort proved first hand  that building sustainable and fun mountain bike trails in the Country Parks is a real possibility and does not require tens of millions of dollar and the mega-engineering  forces of the CEDD to accomplish. It just needs a good sustainable design, simple tools and folks willing to work hard, side by side and grow this sport together, metre by metre.

The AFCD has allocated a limited number spots for HKMBA members to join the workshop on one of four days in January. These spots will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis. The HKMBA will collect the names of our volunteers and forward them onto the AFCD by Dec 21st, 2011.

Date: 8 & 15 Janaury 2012 (Sunday)
         7 & 14 January 2012 (Saturday) 
Time: 9:30am - 4:30pm
Registration :
  •  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  •  please include your name and  phone
  •  indicate which  day(s) you want to help out on and  in order of preference so we can ensure all volunteers who are interested can be accommodated. 
  • indicate if you will be requiring bus transport from either Tsuen Wan MTR or Kowloon Tong MTR
  •  deadline  still open
  • cost: FREE
Venue: meet at Route Twisk Management Centre at 9:30am, then we shall depart to Tin Fu Tsai after a short seminar.

Materials and equipment
: to be provided by AFCD (but volunteers are expected to wear suitable clothing, and bring their own drinking water and lunch)

Food and Drinks:
Pack your own lunch and beverages as none will be provided.
Clothing: Weather conditions at this time of year can change quickly from bright, warm sunshine and 20C to cold, wet, and windy conditions. Bring footwear that is suitable for hiking and that you dont mind getting muddy or dirty. Also bring some work gloves if you have any.

Public Transport to the Twisk Management Centre: Take KMB #51 from Tsuen Wan West Rail (or near Tsuen Wan MTR). Get off at the bus stop 26 "Country Park"  at the top. The Twisk management centre is on the southern side of the road. The frequency of the bus is every 30 minutes or so. Here is the KMB route map: http://www.kmb.hk/en/services/search.html  (plug in route 51). Get off at Stop 26 "Country Park"

AFCD Bus Transportation: If you cannot make your own way to the AFCD  Route Twisk Management Centre, AFCD will supply a 24 seat coach to meet volunteers at the Tsuen Wan and Kowloon Tong MTR stations. Look for the bus marked "AFCD Trailbuilding Workshop"

- Kowloon Tong MTR pickup at 8.45am (see blue pin on map below)

- Tsuen Wan MTR pickup at 9:15am (see blue pin on map below)

Transportation within the country park will be provided by AFCD.
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