EVENT - AFCD Mountain Biking Safety Day - Dec 4,2011

AFCD is launching a mountain bike safety day this Sunday in Tai Lam Country Park. This is a long overdue and welcome safety campaign to encourage all users of the trails in the country parks to "Share the Trail" in a responsible and safe manner. The HKMBA has long encouraged this concept with our our own Sharing the Trail campaign and we fully support the AFCD in this endevour. HKMBA volunteers will assist by handing out pamplets during the day along the trails. See you there!

Event: Mountain Biking Safety Day

Aim: To promote the share use of trails by both bikers and hikers, as well as mountain biking safety
Date: 4 December 2011 (Sunday)
Time: 9:30 am - 3:00 pm (kick-off ceremony will start at 11:00am)
Venue: Tai Lam Country Park Twisk Management Centre (near to the entrance at Route Twisk)
Admission: Free


(1) Exhibition panels about mountain biking and the necessary safety-related items;
(2) Demonstration on mountain biking technique and use of protective gear at the event.  
(3) At the kick-off ceremony of the event, Mr. Chan Chun-hing (the gold medalist of the men's cross-country cycling event at the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou) will share his cycling experience and demonstrate how to ride a mountain bike in a safe manner.
(4) Distribution of leaflets by volunteers in Tai Lam Country Park