HK's Chief Takes the Lead

Hong Kong's Chief EXECUTIVE Re-discovers the Bike and how it can bring people closer to nature and improve economic opportunities for disadvantaged regions through eco-tourism

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After a 29 year hiatus Donald Tsang got back in the saddle last weekend in Tsim Bei Tsui as part an eco-tour organised by BiciLine. His young guides introduced him to the area and local flora and fauna including Spoonbills, Egrets and Fiddler Crabs. This area is very popular with birders and nature photographers. In his blog he reminisced about his last ride on bike in 1981 when was stationed in the Sha Tin District Office and inspected the bikes paths being constructed at the time.


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Hopefully cyclists will continue to be allowed to enjoy these nature routes in and around Yuen Long  however already the Town Planning Board  has set its sights against cycling in this area. Maybe Mr Tsang can convince them otherwise?

consideration should be given to preserving the unique culture of the rural
township and local heritage of Lau Fau Shan area, including its oyster
farming activities, local seafood particularly crabs, Hakka culture and
customs, and temples. Cycling as a form of tourist activities should not be
encouraged in the area
. Visitors should be encouraged to walk around the
area instead


The HKMBA hopes that other government departments, especially the AFCD,  will be infected with the same adventurous spirit as Donald Tsang and embrace cycling as an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors and diversify Hong Kong's tourism experience.

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