Doing the right thing

AFCD are removing the green matting from the Ho Pui downhill

In light of recent complaints from concerned mountain bikers, the dangerous green matting, dubbed by some as the “cheese grater” on the new downhill section of the Ho Pui run, the AFCD have announced that they are removing the matting.

In a letter to HKMBA, the new director for the Tai Lam country park, Dr Samuel Lam said that he was sorry to here about the incidents, and the AFCD “are going to remove the green matting in coming few days, and review the subject trail to see what appropriate measures could be implemented in the future.”

Originally placed to prevent soil erosion, it soon became obvious that the green matting was a serious hazard, and its removal can only be seen as a good thing.

This could be a sign of thawing tensions between the AFCD and local bikers, but there is still a long way to go. We are still waiting for a response from Dr Lam about who authorized the laying of the green matting in the first place, and more importantly what expert advice was taken in the original design of the new section?

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