The pressure's on

Riders wish for more trails as 170 turn-out for Action Asia XC Mountain Bike Series Tai Lam Chung warm-up race


Yeung Chi Pui’s teacher bike training paid off as he won the Tai Lam Chung leg of the Action Asia XC Mountain Bike series with over 170 entering the 1st of 5 races to be scheduled this year.

"I’m a part-time mountain bike instructor and have been training with my students a fair bit at Tai Lam Chung so you could say I know the course. It was difficult as it rained early in the morning making some of the rocks not easy to get grip and you had to hope you had the correct line going down some of the stairs and drops" said overall race winner Yeung who blasted the 30 km course in 1 hour 28 minutes 29 seconds.

Australian Pete Buffon finished 2nd overall saying, "a cracker of a course just like the Macau Grand Prix, flat out, hit the brakes, accelerate, another turn, brake, turn, flat out trying to hang on to some of these top local Chinese riders. Just wish there was more trail, but feel for the race organizers as AFCD won’t open any more trails."

"I’ve been training once a week lately on the bike and try to get other workouts in when I’m free as just so busy lately with office work" said overall Women’s winner Catherine Hung finishing the 30k in 2 hours 18 minutes.

"there must be at least 50 empty dirt trails in the Tai Lam Chung area closed to bikers and no hikers are using them"

Hong Kong Police Club rider Dennex Lui was happy with 2nd overall finishing in 2 hours 7 minutes and 2 seconds. "It would be great if AFCD could open more trails for racing as there must be at least 50 empty dirt trails in the Tai Lam Chung area closed to bikers and no hikers are using them. Why not open them up to allow racing on as their empty and then we don’t have to have half a course that is a cement road" Lui said.

In Hong Kong only 10 trails are legal for mountain biking out of more than 1000 that are available.

Race organizers are hoping that the government will see the tremendous growth in mountain biking and open more trails at least for racing first and hopefully the public soon.

The Action Asia XC Mountain Bike series is available for individuals and relay teams of 2 with a total of 5 races starting Mar 22, May 3 and the last 3 races in September, October and November with the last 4 races giving out points for placing to determine the overall winners of the series in each age group category. More information on the series can be found at