Right of way 爭取共享郊野權利

Local outdoors enthusiasts are petitioning the government to make trails more accessible to everyone. Show your support and sign the petition today


Open the Trails, a new campaign to gain access to trails has been created by a group of outdoors enthusiasts. Frustrated at the lack of initiative by local government departments to tackle the problem, the group has started a signature campaign.

After interviewing hikers on some of the busiest trails, the group’s findings were surprising. It appears that the more serious the hiker the more distain for the biker. On the Ho Pui trail most hikers questioned did not like to share the trail, one said that mountain bikers had no right to be in the parks in the first place. However on the gentler trail around Tai Lam Reservoir, were there is less traffic the comments were a lot more positive.

“The more bikers you meet on your way, the more unwillingness the hikers are to share the trails because more conflict is likely.” Says one of the members of Open the Trails campaign. The solution “is to open more trails to lower the density of users in the trails”. They say.

By seeking support for this petition the group is hoping to lobby officials so that everyone can have equal access to country-park trails.

Signature forms can be found at most outdoors and bike shops throughout Hong Kong (listed in our forum section). Alternatively you simply sign their online petition:



If you have any comments or questions you can contact the group at:

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HKMBA wholeheartedly welcomes this initiative by other members of the outdoor community. Please give your support.

一群熱愛戶外活動人仕發起了一項「開放山徑」簽名行動, 要求政府給予所有郊野使用者有對等地位使用所有山路。是次行動源於政府一向漠視解決山徑過份擠迫問題, 故上述組織發起了是次簽名運動。

該組織訪問了多位行山人仕, 其中包括了熱門旅遊山徑, 發現了在較多旅遊人仕集中的山徑, 行山人仕對騎乘越野單車者多表示反感。於河背越野單車徑, 由於行山人仕及騎車者眾多, 幾乎所有被訪者均不願意與騎單車者共享山徑, 甚至有被訪者提出騎車者不應使用山徑; 惟於另一段較平坦及較少人使用的大欖水塘段, 郊遊人仕對騎乘單車者的觀感則較正面。

一位參與是次運動的小組成員稱:「行山者於途中遇到越多騎車者, 會令行山者更不願意與騎車者共享山徑, 較多的衝突亦因而發生。」「可行的解決方法應是多開放山徑, 以減低山徑使用者的密度」。

是次行動小組希望透過簽名活動, 收集各界支持, 以遊說官員要求正視所有巿民皆有同等使用郊野山徑的權利。

簽名表格已擺放於全港各單車用品商店及戶外用品商店 (商店名單己張貼於本網店論壇) , 或可選擇簡單地登入以下網站簽署, 給予你的支持。


如有任何意見或疑問, 可電郵並聯絡本組

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