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Reusable Mask For Cycling In Polluted Cities

In polluted cities, especially Hong Kong where the air pollution index regularly reaches obscene levels and is a danger to our health their seems no escape, even in the countryside there is no respite and if you commute or ride on the road then matters only get worse.

Bikers suffer more than most as they are exposed directly to the exhaust gases that are belched out.

Conventional pollution masks are usually made from neoprene and can be heavy, uncomfortable, restrict breathing, cause localized chaffing and when it is hot and humid they soon clog up, become wet and almost impossible to wear. But help may be at hand.

The newly developed reusable mask, from Totobobo might give some relief.

The masks can be custom trimmed to fit any size of face, has a replaceable electro-static charged filter that costs as little as € 1.10 (HK$10), has up to 94 per cent filtration efficiency and can filter fine particles down to 0.3 microns or even smaller. Tests indicate is the best balance between ease of breathing and protection.

So if you are thinking of getting in that little extra training on the road or just simply save your lungs this mask may be what your looking for

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