Racing to win

Ed Cluer and Paul Siuyu yeung talk about the recent HKCA Lamma race held last weekend

The Lamma XC has been good to me, it's the only Hong Kong race I've won and the only Action Asia race where I've been on the podium. This was not what I was thinking as I crashed on the first corner…



On a cold Sunday morning last weekend the Hong Kong Cycling Association held its Lamma race. The attendance was smaller than usual, possibly because of the weather, possibly the location, but for those who did turn up they were in for a treat. Renowned as one of the best single track loops in Hong Kong, the course has something of everything, fast flowing sections, technical descents, a smattering of rock gardens and gullies to power through, but most of all there’s the climbing lots of climbing. Ed Cluer and Lamma local Paul Siuyu Yeung overcame these obstacles to get podium finishes, see what they had to say about the race.


Ed Cluer

The Lamma XC has been good to me, it's the only Hong Kong race I've won and the only Action Asia race where I've been on the podium. This was not what I was thinking as I crashed on the first corner! Nor when I fell on my bruised hip having lost it once again at the start of the climb on the 1st lap- Concentrate I told myself! Still, as I relaxed into the race and got used to the idea of leading a mountain bike race it started to come good, I started to clear the rocks rather than bounce off them and relax on the down hill.

The field may have been small but a race is a race and this wasn't one I wanted to give up easily. By the end of 8 laps of Project X I had 5 minutes over 2nd place so I needn't have worried. A nice win in the bag but a real shame there weren't more people here to compete against, 40 riders max.

Maybe I should have ridden 'Open' category to have some more competition but it has to be asked why the Action Asia races attract upwards of 100 riders yet the HKCA doesn't attract half that?

Sure, there's no free jersey, no prize draw and you have to bring your own beer but the race was well organised, on a great course, is $35 to enter and caters to all categories including Novice.

Whatever your views on HKCA or training priorities, the Lamma XC is a fun day out, a darn sight easier than the 5hr Enduro and you have to remember the best training for a race is usually racing!

Paul Siuyu Yeung






越野單車運動,確實陪我走過不少人生高低潮.從剛開始時,只抱著玩票性質.而演變成生活的一種習慣,甚致是精神支柱的一部份.它包合了團結, 友情,互助關心,奮鬥,各種正面的情懷.也就是在這些支持下,讓我繼續在越野路上,人生道路上繼續打掽.



Final results still to be published by HKCA







I couldn’t attend last weeks race which was a shame as its one of the courses I know well, what with being one of the riders who initially built it, and regularly go out there with strimmer and spade to maintain it. ProjectX has been hand crafted for our sport by dedicated riders. To say I feel passionate about it would be an understatement, we know it’s a good ride and are proud of it, we (the local riders) are pleased when it is used as a venue for races, both HKCA and action Asia have used it in their race series.

So even though I couldn’t be there in the morning, that afternoon with my commitments over I was determined to get out for a blast around ProjectX. I donned my lycra, grabbed my trusty stead and head out to the trail in my backyard.

I was expecting the usual thrill from the ride, those killer climbs, the gnarly rocks and that sweat descent. But not today within five minutes of the ride I had stopped several times to pick up gel wrappers, power bar wrappers, plastic bags, bottles, but most disturbing of all was the strips of blue and white tape emblazoned with the HKCA logo. The one pristine ProjectX– and I know as I was up here the day before– had become a dumping ground from the race. The rest of my ride was a stop start affair, constantly dismounting to pick up some rubbish or untangle a strip of tape left in a tree. By the end of the ride I had collected a plastic bag full of discarded rubbish, including the plastic bag.

The race organisers and the racers should be a shamed of themselves, the local Lamma biking community has worked long and hard to be accepted by the community and this kind of action can only set us back. Nobody wants to see litter on the floor, HK government can even fine offenders upto HK$1500 per piece of litter dropped. So why is it that HKCA can blatantly ignore this and leave rubbish on our trails.

This is not the first time it has happened, at last years event taping was left in the hills creating an eyesore and complaints from other user groups. When asked about this one of the race organisers apologised over the tape and the excessive rubbish left and said they would endeavour to improve matters at following races, this is obviously not the case.

Admittedly this year was better, a cursory clean up had been made, tape had been simply ripped from its moorings leaving behind strips of stripy plastic still attached to the limbs of trees, under rocks or lying discarded on the hillside

This is not good enough. Why didn’t HKCA do a more thorough clean up? Why did racers throw their used gel packets into the bush? And this is not just a “not in my backyard rant” it resonates of a bigger problem, cigarette butts at the top of Tai Mo San downhill, the wanton throwing away of bust innertubes on the side of the trail instead of carrying them out.

It is actions like this from race organisers and individuals alike that give mountain bikers a bad wrap. Other trail users see all this bike detritus and have a right to be pissed off. So come on guys, clean up your act.