Challenging Chi Ma Wan

Racers suffer the heat and testing terrain of the Chi Ma Wan peninsula, as they got to grips with the Action Asia 4 hour Enduro

In a time of 3hrs 52 minutes Cheng Chuek Chun managed to complete a staggering 4 laps taking the podium from close rivals Ken Sung and Cosmo Richards finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively

It was a close race as the top three battled it out with only 10 seconds in them by the 39K mark, but in the last lap Cheng broke and went for it managing to pull away increasing his lead to two minutes to claim his 3rd consecutive win in the series.

“It was a lot of fun but very difficult to do 4 laps of this circuit as so many downhill technical sections on this single track. I must say I was very surprised in that I had no idea Hong Kong had such a good potential single-track trail to ride. So challenging. Awesome is a better word” said Cheng

But the win didn’t come easy as Ken Sung was within the reach to upset Cheng. “This is really a good challenge for me as I’m very happy with 2nd overall as this trail was difficult. My bike is a hard tail with only front suspension unlike Cheng who rode on full suspension today, so my rear end was bouncing and taking a bashing on the technical sections”, said Sung.

“Oh my did Claire push me hard. It was very hot, over 30 and I had the lead by a couple of minutes but Claire caught me halfway and put me on fire" 

 In the women’s competition Sean Ho had a hard time fending off Claire Price  “Oh my, did Claire push me hard. It was very hot, over 30 and I had the lead by a couple of minutes but Claire caught me halfway and put me on fire. I really felt like I was on fire the final 13km as she just kept pushing me right on my rear and I only managed to beat her by 1 minute at the end. She really pushed me right to my limit,” said Ho.

Not all the riders were as on fire as the likes of Cheng and Ho many seemed to suffer from the stifling heat and the unexpected challenges of the trail. Says our photographer on the ground Jeff Lam. “I was surprised to see how many riders baled on the fridge” one of the more daunting obstacles on the trail. “I was really hoping to see some spectacular spills.” Say Lam. He was also surprised to see the number of riders passing him drop off as the race took its toll on the field.

Elissa Whittington a trained myotherapist, winning in the +40’s category had to stop several times to help fallen riders who lay by the side with crippling boats of cramps. “The heat was just too much for many, I had a hard time myself, you  just couldn’t stay hydrated. And when I saw others doubled up in pain, I had to do something to relieve their cramps.” She says.


With close to 90 competitors, this was by no means the largest showing, compared to the 200+ at Tai Lam Chung. “One of the problems was just getting there.” Tom McGuinness a resident from Lamma. “No matter which way I looked at it, bar from camping out there or staying with a friend in central, there was simply no way I could get to the race on time, and whats with the bike pick ups and the lack of  competitor transport, are these guys real?”


Overall the event was a success and have given the riders a little taster of what they can expect when the hit the hills of Lamma.


The 4hr race was race 3 of the 4 race series as the final race now will move to Lamma Island Nov 23 for a 5 hour race.

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Mens top three overall

Champion: Cheng Cheuk Chun (鄭卓雋)-3:52:14 52km
2nd place: Ken Sung(宋永健)- 3:55:36 52km
3rd place: Cosmo Richards-3:57:02 52km

Men's 15-29

Champion: Cheng Cheuk Chun(鄭卓雋)-3:52:14 52km
2nd place: Ken Sung(宋永健)-3:55:36 52km
3rd place: Cheng Chak Shing(鄭澤誠)-4:02:50 52km

Men's 30-39

Champion: Cosmo Richards-3:57:02  52km

2nd place: Jeremy Ritcey- 4:15:19  52km
3rd place: Tsang Chi Kong(曾志剛)-4:22:56  52km

Men's 40-49

Champion: Frederic Bourquin-4:04:30  52km
2nd place:Pierre Arnaud Le Magnan-4:23:00  52km
3rd place: Wong Bing Yiu(黃炳耀)-4:26:44  52km

Men's 50+

Champion:Cheung Dig Fai(張迪輝)-3:34:10 39km
2nd place:Wong Shun Choi(黃順財)-3:40:06 39km
3rd place:Ho Kwan Hoo(何君豪)-1:55:36 13km

Women's 30-39

Champion:Sean Ho(何潔瑩)-3:35:22 39km
2nd place: Claire Price-3:36:35 39km
3rd place: Dennex Lui-4:49:25 39km

Women's 40+

Champion: Elissa Whittington-3:33:21 39km
2nd place: Christina Yeung-2:04:49 13km

Men's Team

Champion:Bull Bike(Chan Ka Wing陳家榮 & Leung Tsz Wing梁子榮)-4:16:16 52km
2nd place: BikeXasia(Alan McCormack & Rob Ellis-Geiger)-3:51:36 39km
3rd place: DBIS(Allan Christensen & Benjamin Loran)- 3:56:51 39km

Mixed Team

Champion: Sunny Bee(Anthony Chum & Catherine Hung)-3:22:06 3laps
2nd place: Gigaflash(Wai Chor Kin偉楚健 &Wong Man Wai黃敏惠)-3:58:51 3laps